A trip to the car wash… perspective 2

Through Marlowe’s eyes:

My Mom straps me into this awful contraption again. I can barely stretch my legs out and I have to face backwards. For the longest time I could only see the seat. My parents always talk about what they see out the window but I can’t see any of that. Finally the added this magic thing to the seat so that I can see them. My Dad waves at me. Whenever my Dad is driving, we always seem to be in the car for a really long time. At least when my Mom drives we go ZOOM ZOOM down the road.   I let my Dad know that I am all done with this torture seat as soon as we start backing up out of the driveway. I continue to remind him that I am all done with this car trip every 30 seconds just in case he forgets. My Dad stops the car in this really weird place. Things start attacking the car from all angles. It is so loud. I try to escape my seat to save my parents. I scream and cry to get their attention and tell that them we have to get out before it is too late. My Mom understands me. I see her climb into the back seat. I try telling her to get us out of the car quickly but she ignores my pleas and talks calmly to me. Why won’t she listen to me? She shows me a book and before I know it, my Dad manages to get us out of the scary building alive. If I hadn’t screamed, there is no way my parents would have known it wasn’t safe in there. I think I probably saved their lives that day. After escaping, I continued to remind my Dad that I was all done every 30 seconds in case he forgot. Finally, we made it home alive. I hope they never take me in that darn car again. Nothing good happens in there.



7 thoughts on “A trip to the car wash… perspective 2

  1. Haha…you nailed it! It’s so funny how Marlowe hates the car seat so much. I still remember when we went to dinner and I sat in the back with her. She held my hand the whole time and never cried once. I was so proud of myself! Lol

  2. Ari SCREAMS when I take him through the car wash unless I sit in the back seat with him. Isabelle did the same thing. She’s fine with car washes now. I think the car wash phobia is part of being a baby. (I know that doesn’t help you right now, but it DOES get better!)

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