A Trip to the Car Wash…Perspective 3

Through my eyes:

As I strap Marlowe into the car seat, Jeezy says he is driving. I bite my tongue as I climb into the passenger seat. I try to get comfortable because when Jeezy drives, it takes us a while to get anywhere. After perfectly adjusting his seat, he begins to back out of the driveway. I am pretty sure a turtle would have been down the driveway and around the corner by the time Jeezy got to the end of our short driveway. As soon as we enter the road, Marlowe begins her ritual of telling us that she is “all done” every 30 seconds or so. The repetition of those two words in a very slow moving vehicle is enough to make anyone want to jump out of the car window. We hit the main streets, racing down the road at 5 km/h below the speed limit. Finally we make it to the car wash. Jeezy pulls up as far away from the key pad as possible. Apparently it is impossible to reach the keypad from your car. After punching in the code, the door opens and Jeezy uses extreme caution to ensure that he is perfectly centred in the car wash bay. As soon the water begins to spray, Marlowe screams at the top of her lungs. I hop into the backseat and attempt to calm her down. Good thing two year olds are easily distracted. Nothing like a little Mortimer to take your mind off of the scary sounds around you.

Finally the green light shines, Jeezy slowly, really slowly, starts to move slowly through the dryer. As he ensures that he uses every second on the dryer timer. Taking deep breaths in the back seat, I am happy that we don’t have any more errands to run because already I can taste blood, I have been biting my tongue so hard.

5 thoughts on “A Trip to the Car Wash…Perspective 3

  1. I’m reading this third perspective first, but it’s great! I found myself leaning forward trying to make the car go faster for you. Now I’m off to read the others.

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