A Teacher’s worst nightmare

In May 2013, a good friend of mine was wrongfully imprisoned in Shanghai.  He was an amazing teacher, a kind friend and a loving partner. Despite having support from the majority of students and adult witnesses to prove his innocence, Dee was accused of abusing children in his kindergarten classroom. There was an absolute lack of proof and knowing Dee personally, there is no chance that these allegations were accurate. 

After a murky investigation and a closed trial, with no defense witnesses or evidence allowed, and no cross-examination of police evidence, Dee was sentenced to 12 years in prison. He has maintained his innocence throughout his imprisonment and continues to fight against his false incrimination. He was not allowed ANY visitors while he awaited conviction and trial. Finally his partner became his wife and she was allowed to see him twice a month. 

On top of working full time as a teacher herself she tirelessly fights for his innocence. Unsure of where to turn to now, she is desperately looking for anyone with any connections to help spread his story. All they are asking for is a fair trial. This is the only thing they want because his innocence is so easily proven.

If you have any spare time please visit the FREE DEE CAMPAIGN website and read his story and PLEASE share it with anyone that you think might have a connection to someone who might be able to help.




The Free Dee Campaign is a coalition of family, friends, colleagues, and supporters working for justice for David “Dee” McMahon and for Dee’s release from wrongful imprisonment.



Thank you for supporting my friend!

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