Dear younger me

Dear younger me,

I feel like I hardly know you anymore. I hope our distance hasn’t left you feeling angry. Please know that I think about you a lot.

What happened, I wonder.

How did we drift so far apart? It has been a long journey that has brought us to this point but now that we are here, maybe we should talk about it.

I guess I should be honest. I wasn’t really happy with you. You never seemed to make the best choices and you drank a bit too much. You somehow seemed to get us into embarrassing situations. I think you should feel lucky that nothing too terrible happened to you during those years. I always wondered if you might have been drinking to overcompensate for something. Were you hiding a secret from the world or trying to impress someone?  I wonder what brought you to that point on your journey. Was it something someone said or did that left you questioning your self-worth?

Do you think we could have done something differently to skip over or change that part in our lives. Although, without those experiences and challenges, perhaps you wouldn’t have changed into the me, I am today.

I really like this me.  I hope you do too! I am thankful that you brought me here but I don’t really want to see you again. I hope you understand.



4 thoughts on “Dear younger me

  1. I think your younger you is proud of the today you. All those past mistakes leave a mark that can’t always be seen, but that mark will be with you forever.

  2. Cute. Weird to think back to our former selves and not want to discipline them a little 🙂 I like how nice you are with yourself while still saying you’re done with her.

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