Just Jump!

Taking risks is scary. Whether it is rappelling down waterfalls in a vietnamese rainforest or applying for a new position, it can be nerve racking. When it comes to outdoor adventures, I am eager to take risks. When it comes to my career, I tend to play it safe.

Recently I received an email from the International Baccalaureate Organisation, they are recruiting new workshop leaders and School Visit Members. Since then, I have been wavering like a seesaw.

Should I apply? Is it worth my time? I probably won’t be selected. If I am, do I have the skills for this? Will I want to leave Marlowe for days at a time throughout the year?

Throughout my internal debate, I have been coming back to a workshop that I attended, where Simon Breakspear said something along the lines of “You just have to go for it. If everyone listened to that voice telling them not to try, no one would ever apply.” He attributed his success to always taking that risk, even when we doubt our own ability.

I took the first step today. I asked my principal for her support in the application process. She enthusiastically agreed to support me in the process and thought that it would be a really great role for me.

When you don’t believe in yourself, it’s important to have people in your life who do!


5 thoughts on “Just Jump!

  1. I’d say you are pretty adventurous considering your previous schools in Asia! I know it’s tougher to step out of the ordinary role when you have a little one at home. Good luck on at least exploring this option.

  2. On one hand, it seems wise to be conservative and careful about career moves. But I was with Simon Breakspear’s words as soon as you wrote them. Glad you decided to “just for it!” Because being careful doesn’t seem the same thing as the self-disparaging doubts that arise when we want something. “Am I good enough??” Best of luck!

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