Me to Our

It turns out that two year olds have a bit of an obsession with the word me.

“Me coat, me highchair, me book, me bed”


We have been working hard to encourage Marlowe to say our instead of me. It usually goes a little something like this…

“Me, chair!”

” Whose chair is it ?”

“Our chair.”

“Ya, it is our chair, Mama, Dada and you can sit in it. We can share it with our friends too!”

some time passes

“Me book!”

“Why don’t you try that again.”

“Our book!”

We have been having conversations like this for the past couple of weeks. Today, I was really excited because she independently started to say our without any support.

“Our car, our brrrrrr (elephant), our bell”

She finally understood and we wouldn’t have those same conversations every day.

Just as you think you have done something right, toddlers like to show you that you actually didn’t.

A half hour into Marlowe’s nap, she woke up and needed to be changed.

I started to take off her sleep sack and she said “our doo doo!”

laughing to myself

“No Marlowe, actually that is your doo doo!”

“Mama, Dada, me doo doo! OUR DOO DOO!”

“We do share a lot of thing but we actually don’t share doo doo!”


“sure, let’s go with that for now, our doo doo…will you go back to sleep now?”

“Yes! Mama lub”

“I love you too!”

And she did go back to sleep.

Now I am left wondering how to undo my teaching or at least modify it slightly!







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