Nanny Phone

Anytime we see a phone in a book or in real life, Marlowe always says “Nanny phone” and proceeds to repeat this until we call Nanny. Nanny is her Great-Grandmother who Marlowe has only had the chance to visit a handful of times. Marlowe was born in Hong Kong and Nanny lives in Ontario, it isn’t fun going to visit when it is a 16 hour flight. Now that we live in Alberta, it isn’t quite as treacherous of a journey but it is still an expensive one. Despite seeing Nanny so few times in her life, she has somehow become Marlowe’s favourite person (aside from her parents, of course.) This makes me heart soar.  Nanny has always been my favourite person and somehow Marlowe just knows how special she is.

Marlowe and I have a daily routine when I get home from work. When she hears the garage door open, she runs to the door and knocks, shouting “Mama, mama!” As soon as I open the door she runs to the comfiest chair in the house, crawls up and giggles as she says, “Mama milk!” I wash my hands to rid myself of the germs of school and settle into the chair for snuggles and nursing. As soon as I sit down, Marlowe says “Nanny phone!” We call Nanny and chat while we nurse. Marlowe doesn’t say too much to Nanny but she listens and feels the love. It is a daily ritual. Nanny always says that it is the highlight of her day, I don’t think she realises that it is our highlight too! Every so often though, Nanny doesn’t answer. As soon as the answering machine picks up Marlowe starts to cry, “Hi Nanny! Hi Nanny!” It is the saddest, yet cutest thing.” Usually if I tell her that Nanny is in bed, she calms herself down by saying, “Nanny bed!”  a few times on her own.

In two days we are visiting Nanny and Marlowe can’t stop asking about the “Nanny airplane!”

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