When your husband packs the car…

“I’ll pack the car and you get Marlowe dressed.”

It sounds like the perfect plan to me. With the car packed and Marlowe dressed, we buckle up and hit the road. The airport is a 40 minute drive from our house and Marlowe happily sings in the back. She has been talking about the airplane to see Nanny for months and has had her little backpack ready for days.

When we arrive to the airport, I hop out to get a cart and Andrew starts unloading the car.

“Did you grab Marlowe’s backpack?” He asks.

Of course I didn’t, I think to myself.

“Nope, I thought you did?” I calmly respond.

“I’m sorry, I somehow missed it.” He apologises.

I knew there was nothing we could do about it at that point and it was just a short flight so it wasn’t a big deal. I thought Marlowe would have been disappointed but she didn’t even notice!

I was relieved that I packed the snacks in my own backpack!

That perfectly packed backpack (see yesterday’s post) will remain perfectly packed at our front door ready for the next adventure.

7 thoughts on “When your husband packs the car…

  1. there is always something forgotten when you are going a trip! for me, it is usually pajamas – this time, it was my work shirt (it’s my second commuter job). But I didn’t realize until I arrived at my new location ha. Glad your daughter didn’t notice the backpack

    • Usually my husband is more organised than me, so this was a shock to me. Haha! Marlowe still hasn’t noticed, hopefully we survive our flight home as well as we did our flight here!

  2. It sounds like you got off easily this time! Thank goodness for short plane flights. In our family, the car packing with a baby in tow incident went like this. Crunch! Did you put my camera in the car? No, I thought you did. No, I left it for you…behind.the.trunk. I had just backed over my husband’s camera as I was driving him to an overdue solo vacation during which he planned to take a ton of photographs. 😬

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