Long Lost Friends

When you live overseas for almost a decade, it’s inevitable that you lose touch with a few friends along the way.

You know you have a true friend when you cross paths after years have passed and it feels like yesterday that you were together. Today I was lucky enough to have an old friend drive three hours to see me and spend the day with my daughter and I. My daughter has this way of knowing who is special in her life. With just a short time spent together, she didn’t want to let go of her to say goodnight. She held on tight for a goodnight kiss! She isn’t one for cuddles, so this one was extra sweet!

2 thoughts on “Long Lost Friends

  1. Driving three hours for a visit is certainly a sign of a true friend. And I would bet that you picked up right where you left off all those years ago. It’s so sweet that your daughter could recognize the your bond so quickly.

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