I hate being late.

I am always the first one to the party. Usually early, waiting in the parking lot until for the exact minute, so that I will arrive on time. Each morning, I am one of the first teachers to arrive to school. I hate the feeling of being rushed and worried about arriving late.

Today I took my 97 year old grandmother to pick up her hearing aid that was in for repair. I arrived to her house super early because she has a tendency not to be ready.

To my surprise she was dressed and looking sharp! She still needed to finish her toast and coffee but we had plenty of time.

As we were about to head out the door, my Nanny’s nephew came to the door. (He visits with her almost daily!) He knew we had to be at an appointment but he just chatted away! The time ticked by. It didn’t matter how many times I mentioned the time, he just kept on talking.

By the time I finally got him out the door, Nanny in the car and my two year old toddler buckled into her car seat, it was 11:30. The time we were supposed to be at the appointment. To add to my stress, it was pouring rain. Her hearing aid appointment was at Costco and as it is the day before Costco is closed for the Easter Weekend, it was a zoo.

Trying to get a 97 year old with mobility issues and a two year old into Costco in the pouring rain, is a difficult feat.

Stopping all traffic with my car, I managed to get my grandmother safely across the road and into the sliding Costco doors, as I scrambled to find a parking spot. Running through the parking lot with my daughter in my arms, we tried to dodge raindrops, unsuccessfully.

When we finally arrived it was 11:50. I was relieved that we made it but stressed and embarrassed that we were so late. Luckily, they were able to check that her hearing aid was repaired and working well but couldn’t do the extensive test that they had planned.

I had the urge to explain why we were so late but I didn’t want my grandmother to think she was to blame. I was hoping that by seeing a 97 year old woman with a cane on one side and a toddler on the other that they would figure it out. I’m not sure if they did though.

3 thoughts on “Late

  1. I also hate being late and can relate to that stress. I’m sure the scene with your grandmother and wet toddler spoke volumes. Sometimes it just cannot be helped. At least you made it and got the hearing aid.

  2. Oh I know how you hate being late! This definitely sounds stressful, but I’m glad that it all worked out in the end. I can just imagine how you all were so wet (and probably cold) from the rain. Hope you were able to warm up later!

  3. You are a good granddaughter! If the person has ever had a toddler or taken care of a grandparent, they understood. I hate being late but find myself always in a rush to get anywhere on time. So I admire your early arrival in all that you do!

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