The best part of slicing…

As hard as it can be to find time to write everyday, so many wonderful things happen in this slice of life challenge.

I took sometime today to think about what I gain from this experience.

  • I give myself time each day to write, this is time for myself to reflect and grow through writing.
  • I give myself time each day to read other people’s writing and learn from their experiences.
  • I meet new people from around the world.
  • I challenge myself each day.
  • I accomplish something every day.
  • I regain my confidence as a writer.
  • I talk about writing more to others in everyday conversation.
  • It reaffirms my belief that as writing teachers, we need to be writers ourselves.

4 thoughts on “The best part of slicing…

  1. I agree with that philosophy. You read one of my shorts recently and I really appreciate the feedback. Could really use some more of it. I just released a new story called Lizard Guts, hope to see your input and loom forward to reading more of your material

  2. I like the one about how you feel like you’ve accomplished something every day. I felt that way too. Even on a bad day where I felt like I was just spinning my wheels all day, posting a slice made me feel accomplished. And a big yes to talking about writing more too.

  3. I agree with all the benefits of participating in this challenge! It’s amazing how much more I slow down life, notice and observe all around me, and that yes, indeed, we are writers! Congrats on writing this month!

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