Writing with a 3 year Old

Ever since I had my daughter, Marlowe, I have found it really hard to put time aside to write. When my best friend and fellow slicer asked if I would be slicing this year, I immediately answered that I didn’t think it was going to be possible. I was feeling a bit deflated but then it hit me! My daughter and I can write together. I have been wanting to give her more writing opportunities, so now I am really excited to create a special writing time with her each day.

Today was the first day and we started by trying to create a cozy spot to meet each day to write. She chose her little desk upstairs in the Bonus Room. On a side note, I had never heard of the term ‘Bonus Room’ until I moved to Alberta. It is apparently the name for a living room above a garage. Has anyone heard of this before?

Back to our cozy spot, we got out a variety of paper and writing tools and I asked her “What else might we need to do?” She responded in her sweet little 3 year old voice. “I think we need to take off our shirts and get cozy in a blanket!”


I decided to keep my shirt on but Marlowe went for the shirtless approach.  Once we found our comfy writing spots, we talked about what we wanted to write. Marlowe said she was going to write what she loved.


In case you can’t tell she wrote



I love you!”

That is right readers, she loves you! She says she also loves her Dad but she just ran out of room. Poor Dad.

For my writing project, I decided to write a list of the top ten things we wanted our readers to know about us. Marlowe told me she knew what they needed to know so I wrote down her ideas.

If you are wondering what we look like, I am the one on the left and Marlowe is the one on the right.



7 thoughts on “Writing with a 3 year Old

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  2. Oh my goodness! I love this soooo much! I kept giggling as I read this because I could hear Marlowe’s voice in it. I’m really glad you’re back slicing this year. Can’t wait to read your slices!

  3. Your daughter is a very confident writer already! It’s a wonderful idea to write with her, rather than trying to write around her. I wonder if my 9 year old will write with me? Thank you for the inspiration! (P.S. I have heard of a bonus room, but where I grew up in California, they were more likely to be called “rumpus rooms” and were the places where the kids’ toys got spread out, but they were not necessarily over the garage.)

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