Books, Books, Wonderful Books!

Slice of Life Day 4: 

I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge where I write each day for the month of March. This year my three-year old daughter and I are writing collaboratively. Feel free to follow along our month-long writing journey!


As soon as we walked in the door, Marlowe immediately asked if we could write!

We started by talking about our ideas. I told Marlowe that our visit to the library today made me want to write a poem about books. Marlowe told me that it was a good idea and shared that she was going write a funny picture of her and me! She got started right away. She was working really hard, I love watching her concentration. I notice that everyday she adds a new detail to her illustrations of people. My favourite new addition is that whenever she draws the body, she puts a dot for the belly button and then continues to colour in the shirt, covering up the belly button. She often says “There is a belly button under there!”

Without a nudge, she wrote her name on the paper to label her in the picture. When I asked her to tell me about her picture, she said:

“You and I are in a bubble and we are saying HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Then down here we are out of the bubble and we are saying that was fun! How do you make the talking bubble?”

I was so impressed that she thought about speech bubbles and how they would be perfect for her picture. I am pretty sure that we can thank  Mo Willems for her exposure to speech bubbles.


I helped her with the speech bubbles and she wrote “haha!” in both speech bubbles and did her best to write “that was fun” at the bottom of the page. I could sense some frustration building so we had a snuggle break and talked about how writers can sometimes get frustrated and that it can help to take a little break and come back when we are ready to write. Marlowe said she was tired but wanted to hear my poem first.

I was far too distracted by watching her with pride to write very much.

“Books, books, wonderful books

BIG books,

little books”

When I told Marlowe that I needed some help, she gave me the best ideas!

img_6330She came up with all of the other types of books and then said ‘wonderful books” which was a perfect way to share that some poets repeat lines in their poems.  I asked whether I should add “I love them all” and she said it was a great idea. When I finished writing she grabbed the marker and added a period! 3 year old memories amaze me. She asked about the dots beside the words quite a while ago!

Marlowe was very proud of our writing today. We had to read them both at bedtime a few times tonight. I am so curious what tomorrow will bring.




6 thoughts on “Books, Books, Wonderful Books!

  1. Wasn’t Marlowe just born a second ago? (I mean, I know it was a few Marches ago, but it feels like it was a blip.) She’s adorable! And the drawing — with the belly buttons under the blue shirts — is so cute.

  2. She already has so many writing skills. She’s also so reflective. I am glad her stamina and energy for writing is still going strong! 🙂 Way to go Marlowe!

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