A Love Poem

Slice of Life Day 10: 

I am participating in the twowritingteacher.org Slice of Life Challenge where I write each day for the month of March. This year my three-year old daughter and I are writing collaboratively. Feel free to follow along our month-long writing journey!


Today Marlowe asked if we could write a poem. When I asked her what we should write our poem about, without skipping a beat, she shouted LOVE!

She started the poem by saying “My love grows.” I was telling Marlowe that some poets compare things in poems and gave some examples and like a natural poet she came out with the most amazing first line of our poem


“My love grows like a plant.”

Before I could say anymore she added

“It makes mistakes but that’s okay.”


I encouraged her to stretch her poem out a little bit more.

“My love feels happy.”

What could we compare our love to? Something that is happy..

“a light!”

How else could we describe your love?


“It is big!”

What is as big as?

“It is big as the sun and little as the moon!”

Do you want to add anything else to your poem?

“I don’t think so.”


If you want to hear her little voice reading the poem listen below…

2 thoughts on “A Love Poem

  1. This is amazing. And to hear it directly from the poet, it an awesome treat. You surely have a natural poet in your home. Thanks for sharing. I really like the way you encourage her to stretch her poem.Perfect poet, mentor relationship! Bravo.

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