Tips for when you are frustrated

Slice of Life Day 24

I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge where I write each day for the month of March. This year my three-year old daughter (now 4 year-old) and I are writing collaboratively. Feel free to follow along our month-long writing journey!

Faster than lightning

Flying through the air

It’s a bird

It’s a plane

Wait a minute


It is a 4 year old throwing a temper tantrum!





Marlowe wasn’t much of a temper tantrum thrower as a toddler but part way through 3, everything changed! We have always practiced strategies that we can use when things don’t go our way, when we are feeling frustrated or when we make a mistake. Marlowe is an expert when it comes to sharing her strategies and getting to be more consistent using them in the moment.

We wrote a book together today to share the strategies she finds useful.





What strategies do you use when you are feeling frustrated?

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