Puddle Jumping

Slice of Life Day 26

I am participating in the twowritingteacher.org Slice of Life Challenge where I write each day for the month of March. This year my three-year old daughter (now 4 year-old) and I are writing collaboratively. Feel free to follow along our month-long writing journey!


Pedal, pedal, pedal



Pedal, pedal, pedal






Hop off







Pedal, pedal, pedal



Never ending puddles

Today was the last day of the Cross Country Ski season where I live, so I went out and enjoyed a 3.5 hour ski in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains. When I arrived home, Marlowe was just awaking from her afternoon nap and eager to get outside with me. We packed a picnic and parked ourselves on our driveway on a perfectly placed picnic mat facing the sun. It was delightful. It was about 8 degrees Celsius outside and it was a welcome change from the subzero temperatures of earlier this week. Once we finished our last picnic bite, Marlowe requested a bike ride adventure. I am the kind of person that is eager to partake in every type of adventure that takes place outside. You ask, I am there! I got my bike and bike trailer out and pumped all of the tires as quickly as I could. I was desperate to hit the trails.

It felt so good to have the wind and sunshine on our faces. I was still wearing my winter gloves and coat but it felt delightful nonetheless. When I got to the fork in the path that allows you to choose the short or the long loop, I couldn’t help myself but take the long route. At first, I was happy with my choice but before long, I had major regrets.

There were puddles. Not just a few puddles. Never ending puddles that were many meters long and many feet deep. I kept telling myself that they would end soon, it wasn’t worth turning back. They did not!  They continued and continued. By the time we got past the seemingly infinite puddles, the bike trailer was soaking wet, Marlowe was spattered with mud and I was so exhausted, I could barely make it up the hill back to our home. I may be exhausted but I am definitely going on another bike ride tomorrow, maybe a bit shorter this time though.


“Pudl jump with yoo”


Unrelated but how cute is this little hand person Marlowe made while I was making dinner?

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