Doughnut Drive By

Slice of Life Day 28

I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge where I write each day for the month of March. This year my three-year old daughter (now 4 year-old) and I are writing collaboratively. Feel free to follow along our month-long writing journey!

Doughnuts and familiar faces, what more could you ask for? A couple of friends sent a message to our “lady gang'” chat group saying that they ordered doughnuts and were going to be dropping them by with a smile to all of our houses! Our chat group is a mix of friends and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends, all strong, amazing women in our area! I am a newly added member to the group and it has been the source of a lot of goodness these days!

If you have been reading my blog lately, you will already know that doughnuts are a source of excitement in our house. I told Marlowe about the plan after her nap and she jumped up and down and sang, “DOUGHNUTS, DOUGHNUTS, I LOVE DOUGHNUTS” on repeat for a while. Then said, I think we should write about it. I said, “Ya I was thinking that maybe we could write a thank you card for the people bringing the doughnuts.”ย  To which she said nonchalantly, “Ya, That’s what I was thinking ’bout too.” Apparently my 4 year old writer, doesn’t think my ideas are all that original.

We got out some special watercolour painting paper and got to work!


239561f4-dbd3-47f9-975d-fa106aaae721Look at that awesome doughnut painting. She added the lines around the doughnut in case they wanted to connect the dots!


Who made your day today?

5 thoughts on “Doughnut Drive By

  1. Donuts are happiness though! I love this slice! The photos, the whole gang group chat delivery update. It was just the right pick me up I needed. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Drive by doughnuts! Now that’s a treat! And it sounds like Marlowe understands gratitude. That’s an important lesson!

  3. Oooh, if someone brought me drive-by doughnuts, it would definitely make my day too! I think my day was made by the parents of one of my son’s friends, who decided the boys should have a FaceTime/Minecraft playdate, and I got to sit down in peace and relax and do things just that I wanted to do for fun for the first time in two weeks. And kudos to my husband, who set up a paper airplane challenge course all over the house and kept our squirrelly child occupied all afternoon so I could keep relaxing and having fun.

  4. A donut delivery sounds like a perfect pick-me-up! Marlowe really knows how to write for a purpose. I love her painting, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My friends (like you!) messaging me made my day today.

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