A is for Airplanes

I am participating in the A-Z Blog challenge this year. I will write each day in the month of April with the prompt of the next letter of the alphabet. This year my 4 year-old and I are writing collaboratively. Feel free to follow along our month-long writing journey!





THAy FLi SM HAv wiNdOs

Marlowe is just 4.

She knows airplanes

She has flown in 29 different airplanes

to be exact

Most of those before her second birthday.

She knows airplanes

The outsides

The insides

The ups

The downs

She knows airplanes


She doesn’t live an extravagant life

But it is certainly unique

Hong Kong born

An American Dad

A Canadian Mom

That is rare to find

Working in Asia

With family around the globe

We traveled

a lot

Family is important

Then we found an in between

Not too close to either family

But a good place for us

Hello Alberta

The 16-24 hour plane rides, now just 4-5.

She knows airplanes

The signs

The voice level

The entertain yourself moments

The airplane bed routine

She knows airplanes

Marlowe knows airplanes.

One thought on “A is for Airplanes

  1. You’re back to poetry! I love it! 🙂 As for the topic…I love it. I had no idea she’d been on that many planes (and you kept track!?). I wonder when the next airplane ride will be…hopefully not too long from now!

    Way to go on your writing, Marlowe! You really stretched out those sounds. 🙂

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