B is for Bubbles

I am participating in the A-Z Blog challenge this year. I will write each day in the month of April with the prompt of the next letter of the alphabet. This year my 4 year-old and I are writing collaboratively. Feel free to follow along our month-long writing journey!


Marlowe chose bubbles for our second letter of the alphabet. I asked her to help me brainstorm some things that came to mind when she thought of bubbles and we wrote them all down. Then I put this poem together from all of her ideas.







the colourful ball

float by

up to the sky



in the sun





You have to shout the POP part. She loved our creation and asked me to read it again and again. I think we might even put it up in her room, before long she will be reading it to us! Poetry with emergent writers is my favourite. It is such a great entry point for them to feel successful. If it wasn’t nearing bedtime, I would have had her take part in writing down the ideas. I believe that coming up with ideas is just as important as putting those ideas on paper.



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