Here We Are

After Marlowe’s comedic introduction yesterday, she owed you a real introduction. I like to use our writing time together to help me get my ideas flowing and to model different parts of writing alongside her.

We started by drawing a picture of ourselves. Then we wrote down words that describe ourselves. Take a look…

Marlowe’s reads: Loves Mommy and Daddy, 4, Okotoks (where we live), Trouble (the game), Broccoli, 4. Can you read mine?

If ever you travel

to the small town of Okotoks, Alberta

tucked away in the vast prairies

in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains


you might encounter

a mother and daughter pair

with matching hair

always getting fresh air

you will know you have found this duo

when you see a 4 year old girl

dancing around in her underwear!

*It has been a while since I have stretched my writing brain and it is stuck. I am so glad I am here stretching it with all of you this month. *

3 thoughts on “Here We Are

  1. Oh, I was excited to see your familiar page. I don’t always recognize slicer’s names, but I always remember the look of their blogs! Love the underwear reference. I have two grandsons (4 and almost 2) who love to dance in their underpants!

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