C is for Cars… or Capital Letters

I am participating in the A-Z Blog challenge this year. I will write each day in the month of April with the prompt of the next letter of the alphabet. This year my 4 year-old and I are writing collaboratively. Feel free to follow along our month-long writing journey!

Today Marlowe chose to write about cars! Look at these awesome sentences she wrote!


They moov. Pepl drive them.

Marlowe has been really curious about writing lately and has started to read like a writer. When we are reading she has become very interested in the “dots” at the end of some words. She wanted to try those “dots” out in her writing today. I also noticed that when she thinks she has all of the sounds in a word, she asks if she needs a space. She is starting to use lower case letters more consistently in her writing too. One good thing about having her home with us is her daycare can’t teach her uppercase letters.

I HATE when early childhood educators start by teaching kids to write with capital letters. How often do you use a capital letter? RARELY! When we write, we use mostly lower case letters so why do they focus on capitals? Is it simply to make a Grade 1 teacher’s life more complicated. I spend most of Grade 1 nudging my students to use lower case letters when they write. What I need to learn is how to nudge my daughter’s preschool teacher and those around the world to STOP with the CAPITALS!

So I guess this post isn’t about cars after all…. C is for CAPITAL LETTERS!

(Please note I actually love preschool teachers! It is my one and only frustration, I promise!)